Top 5 Best Ear Protection Helmets

Chainsaw is a great tool which requires ear protection helmets, whether you're cutting trees from the forest, cutting large branches from the trees, cutting pieces out from big wood, trimming etc. you will require a good ear protection helmets and ear muffs which safeguards your head and ears while operating chainsaw and other tools.

How important is it to safeguard your ears and head while cutting?

I guess, it is very important to save your head from those large branches of trees and ears from a huge amount of noise emitted from the chainsaw.

For the purpose, the chainsaw helmets and ear muffs are manufactured to safeguard your head and ears while using such cutting tools.

There are many manufacturers in the markets around the world who manufactures ear protection helmets and ear protection helmets along with ear muffs. To choose the best ear protection helmets is hard depending on your need and requirements.

There are tons of helmets which include cap mounted earmuffs, hard hat with earmuffs and face shield, helmet mounted earmuffs, helmet earmuffs, hard hat with earmuffs, etc.

Things to keep in mind before buying ear protection helmets.

  • Helmet must have ear muffs to safeguard your ears.
  • Helmet should be made of tough material to safeguard your head from heavy knock or blow.
  • Color of helmet. ( Fluorescent colors are the best )
  • Comfort level and size of helmet.

Top 5 Best Ear Protection Helmets

After keeping these points in mind, I am recommending these 5 best ear protection helmets.

1. Husqvarna Pro Forest Helmet System

Husqvarna Pro Forest Ear protection Helmets

Husqvarna Pro Forest Helmet is one of the best helmets you should choose if you're working in the forest, while cutting trees, cutting wood pieces and trimming purpose. It is integrated in such a way that it includes all the safety equipment.

The helmet is UV rays protected and made up of hard plastic material. The helmet is very comfortable, it has an adjustable knob with a 6-point suspension system to adjust your head in the helmet.

If you work for long hours continuously, the hat of helmet will become hot. So, it is recommended to put wet cloth inside the helmet to keep your head cool. (It is your choice)

Husqvarna Pro Forest Helmet also includes ear muffs to protect your ears from a large amount of noise emitted from cutting tools likes chainsaw. It can absorb sound up to 25 decibels. Ear muffs are optional and adjustable. You can easily remove the ear muffs whenever required. You can easily lift the ear muffs whenever you want to hear someone around you.

The only thing which I didn't like about this helmet is, it comes up with only orange color, I wish they could have manufactured other color variants like fluorescent green, fluorescent blue or yellow.

To sum it up all, this helmet is a must for professionals and workers who work regularly in the forest and operates cutting tools. Some highlighted features of this helmet are:

  • The helmet is lightweight i.e. weight is just 2 pounds. (0.907185 KG)
  • Helmet meets ANSI Z89.1-2003 standards. It follows the class GE standards.
  • The color of a helmet is orange which can be easily seen from long range, it also improves the visibility of your workers if he is wearing this helmet.
  • Visor safeguards your face and nose from flying debris like scattered pieces of waste or remains.
  • The air circulation inside the helmet is very good.

2. TR  Safety Helmet and Hearing Protection

TR Industrial Ear Protection Helmets

TR Industrial Safety Helmet is cheaper than Husqvarna Pro Forest Helmet; however, it includes all the safety equipment which you will get in Husqvarna Pro Forest Helmet.

The design of this helmet is simple and quality is average as it is cheaper than other helmets.

TR industrial helmet will turn out to be the best for professionals and workers who operate a chainsaw and cutting tools in forest, house, backyard, etc.

The hat of this helmet is made of up hard plastic material which can safeguard your head while cutting trees, it will protect your co-workers and yourself from large pieces of woods which can fall on the head.

TR safety helmet includes ear muffs which are made up of hard plastic material which gives cushion to your ears and absorbs the sound of cutting machines, it can absorb sound up to 20-25 decibel. Ear muffs are adjustable and removable, you can easily remove it and keep it aside whenever required.

The best thing about this helmet is visor. It includes two visors i.e. plastic visor and mesh visor. I guess, the plastic visor is the best as it can save your eyes and nose from flying dust and hazardous small materials; however, you will feel suffocation after few hours. You can also use mesh visor which is also good option to save your eyes and ears.

Some highlighted features of TR industrial Forestry Helmet:

  • It is lightweight i.e 1.17934 KG only.
  • Helmet meets Z89.1-2003 ANSI rating and it is CE approved.
  • Available in yellow and orange, both the colors are good for visibility.
  • Plastic and Mesh visor for face protection.
  • Cheaper but includes all the safety equipment.

3. STIHL Woodcutter Helmet System

STIHL Ear Protection Helmets

STIHL helmet system is relatively costlier than other helmets in the list. STIHL is recognized as one of the best safety helmet manufacturing company. 

The lightweight STIHL Woodcutter Helmet System is an amazing choice for professionals as well as non-professional users who operate chainsaws and other wood cutting tools.

The hat of the helmet is designed to provide comfort and the vented shell provides cooling air during use, The 6-point mount suspension provides comfortable support to your head.

It includes good quality adjustable ear muffs to protect your ears; however, it does not include sweat band to absorb the sweat from your head. You can completely remove the ear muffs whenever required.

The visibility through mesh screen visor is good enough to look around and operate tools easily​. The steel mesh screen visor also protects your eyes and nose from debris.

Some highlighted features of STIHL helmet system:

  • Lightweight i.e. 2 pounds only
  • STIHL Woodcutter Helmet is Class G certified and includes NRR 22 hearing protection.
  • Steel mesh screen visor.
  • Adjustable ear muffs and headgear.

4. Husqvarna Pro Forest Chainsaw Helmet System

Husqvarna Ear Protection Helmets

Another Husqvarna helmet system which is costlier than other variants of Husqvarna.

​The helmet is designed in such a way that it includes all the safety equipment such as visor and ear muffs.

The hat of the helmet is built with heavy plastic material which can absorb the knock of a small branch and other pieces of wood. You can wear this helmet while using chainsaw, cutting tools, pole saw tool, etc. The headgear is comfortable as it includes adjustable knob which you can adjust according to the size of your head.

Husqvarna Pro Forest chainsaw helmet system has face shield mesh visor which can protect your eyes from wood sticks and other dust particles. It also protects your nose from sharp wood pieces and other debris. The air can be easily passed through mesh visor. You can adjust the visor according to your requirement 

​The helmet also includes plastic ear muffs which can absorb sound from the chainsaw and other cutting machines. The ear muffs are adjustable and they can be removed by simply sliding them out of their mounts. 

​Some highlighted features of Husqvarna Pro Forest Chainsaw Helmet System:

  • UV rays protected hard hat and have a changeable six point suspension.
  • Comes up with neck protectors.
  • Earmuffs meets ANSI S3.19 - 1974
  • Helmet meets ANSI Z89.1 - 2009
  • The color of the helmet is fluorescent orange which can be easily seen from half a mile.
  • It is lightweight i.e. 1.7 pounds only.

5. Oregon Pro Forestry Helmet System

Oregon Pro Forest Ear protection Helmets

Oregon Pro Forest helmet system is high impact resistant helmet system. The design is okay; however, I liked some of the features of this helmet.

​The helmet has ventilation holes to provide enough air circulation inside your head while wearing. The helmet is adjustable and fits 20 –24.5" (50–62 cm) easily.

It includes absorbent sweatbands​ which can absorb the sweat from your head while working.

Oregon Pro Forestry Helmet has stainless steel mesh visor to protect your eyes and nose from sharp wood pieces and other flying debris. The visor can be removed and placed easily as it has flip up and down functionality.​

This helmet is having one of the best ear muffs among other 4 which I have mentioned above. You can easily adjust the height of ear muffs according to your head size. Ear muffs in this helmet can absorb up to 25 DB of sound. It also provides a cushion to you ears while wearing.

  • It is lightweight.
  • Helmet meets ANSI Z89.1-2009
  • Visor meets ANSI Z87.1-2003
  • Ear muffs meets ANSI S3.19-1974
  • Assembling is easy as compared to other helmets.
  • It includes rain gutter.
  • Snug fit harness to adjust the helmet.

​So, above are the best 5 ear protection helmets which I have researched and reviewed. I highly recommend you to purchase any of these helmets depending on your need and requirement.

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